RenaissanceParlor Guitar Giveaway

Deadline 12-24-2020

This year I will be building a recreation of the mid 19th century Renaissance Model Martin guitar. This is an ultra rare body style [only 7 original in known existence], and its design is just really beautiful, elegant, and cool. It will be a steel string with a Flamed Redwood top, Mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard/bridge. 


COVID has scrambled everything up, hence there are no specific requirements for a song entry, other than it has to have a Dillard guitar in it. 


Like last year, send in your song, I will put it up on this page, and everyone gets a vote. Winner gets the guitar. Deadline 12-24-2020, votes in by 12-31-2020

Songs below as they arrive

MORGANJustin Dillard

* Will update build as it progresses with photos