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William Tyler

Steve Gunn


" Thanks so much. I'll definitely be living with this baby among some of my fave acoustics...and Yes!, its got a unique place in there"     Kurt Vile

IMG_9814 (1).jpeg

“Dillard Guitars go far beyond any zeitgeist of trend or whatever happens to be en vogue at the moment. There’s a timeless and classic nature to his approach, his technique and his results. I’ve seen, played and recorded on several different models over the years and all over the world. After recording several tracks with one of his parlour style guitars on a recent project I finally was able to purchase one of my own. Throughout the design and build process, the clarity and transparency in communication, professionalism and the extreme attention to fine detail make Dillard a true gem in the realm of bespoke instruments in the world today. His guitars are objects of undeniable beauty and totems of an intimate craft that will not only stand the test of time for their aesthetic features but also implore and spark creativity at every turn with its beholder. They are nearly impossible to put down once you’ve felt and heard their distinct voice.”   

Michael A. Muller (Balmorhea) 


"I'm privileged to own Dillard Guitar #4 (2009), a steel-string parlor with custom headstock & sound hole inlay and a beautiful owl-eyed illusion in the wood grain on the back side.  I've taken it along to several memorable living room concerts and fireside drinking sessions, and almost every time I do someone will ask how old it is, thinking it has to be pre-1950 ; such is its warm resonance and shimmery tone.  Definitely one of very few truly prized possessions in my home".

Thomas Meluch (Benoit Pioulard)

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Heather Woods Broderick

I am lucky enough to now own two Dillard guitars - a parlor size and the one pictured above. I’ve always purchased instruments that feel and sound good to me, and that’s exactly why I fell in love with Justin’s guitars. The care put into the craft of these guitars gives them an incredibly unique sound and feel. Upon playing my parlor for the first time, I was amazed at the resonance of sound coming out of such a small instrument. These guitars sing, and have inspired so many songs over the years. Working with Justin has been a great and personable experience. He paid special attention to what I was looking for in a guitar, and customized the instruments to be a perfect fit. 

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